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Philosophy on the field

We manage our vineyards throughout the year trying to preserve the overall long-term health of the vine and the integrity of the land, adjusting all the manual or mechanical work according to the climatic conditions and the status of our vineyard sites. From the start we are committed to organic practices; using green manure (growing graminaceous and leguminous plants, which are then ploughed under and incorporated into the soil) to fertilize the vines and control erosion, following the lunar calendar for various operations in the vineyard, using only a limited amount of sulfur- or copper- based products as plant protectors. Weed control is achieved through mechanical methods, based on mowing and soil tillage. In warmer periods we work alternate rows to prevent the capillary rise of water and thus maintain sufficient underground water supply.

Philosophy in the winery

Through careful observation and constant management of our vineyards all year round we ensure that all grapes are harvested at their optimal maturity, enhancing overall quality. Fruit is hand harvested in small boxes and once at the cellar it undergoes accurate selection. Fermentation begins in steel vats at controlled temperature with wild, autochthonous yeasts. At the end of the alcoholic fermentation, red wines make their way into large concrete tanks for elevation. In the cellar, we strive for a non- invasive, thoughtful approach that respects the grapes and allow them to express their unique character: this involves gentle handling and minimal use of sulfites or other oenological products. Our goal is to craft wines that are vibrant, authentic, reflective of their terroir and of our artisan winemaking practices.